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We offer:

  • Electronic kits
  • Training and development boards
  • Tutorials on programming PIC microcontrollers, in assembly language and C

    Tutorials on the enhanced mid-range PIC architecture are now available.
    These lessons are intended for those starting out in PIC programming, using the MPLAB X development environment, the PICkit 3 programmer, and (for the C lessons) Microchip's XC8 C compiler.

    Lessons on migrating to enhanced mid-range PICs, for those already familar with baseline and mid-range PICs, are also available.

    Enhanced mid-range C and assembly language lessons on analog-to-digital conversion, indirect addessing, arrays and long integer arithmetic added 28 July - 22 August 2014

  • Example projects illustrating concepts introduced in the tutorial series

    Toy traffic lights project added 15 September 2013  

Gooligum Shop now open

The shop makes purchased tutorials available for immediate download and provides more flexible shipping options for training boards and kits

Baseline and mid-range training board Baseline and mid-range PIC training and development board, supplied with the full set of Gooligum baseline, mid-range and introductory enhanced mid-range PIC assembler and C programming tutorials and source code on CD

Designed specifically for use with the Gooligum tutorials

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