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Assembled products

If your product is defective or damaged on arrival, or becomes defective within 12 months of normal use, please complete the Product Returns form to obtain an RMA number.  We will then arrange for you to send the product back to us, or we may choose to ship a replacement.

Note that we are not responsible for faults caused by misuse, including high or reversed power supply voltages.


Should you open a kit and find any damaged or faulty components, please complete the Product Returns form to obtain an RMA number.  We will then arrange to send the kit or faulty parts back to us for an exchange, or we may simply ship replacement parts to you.

We cannot of course replace any parts after you have cut the leads off them or soldered them in place. Nor can we repair kits that you are unable to make work; there may be a part damaged through excessive heat when soldering, electrostatic discharge, a dry solder joint, or perhaps a solder bridge between copper tracks. Such problems can take hours to locate; at normal service rates the service charge would almost certainly exceed the cost of a new kit - many times over!


We have found that it is rare for an item to go missing in the post, but do suggest that you select tracking (if available to your destination) if you are concerned. We are not responsible for items which go missing in the post. 

We may substitute an equivalent shipping service, at no additional cost to you, where the shipping service you selected is not available or unsuitable due to factors such as insured value limits or availability of delivery to remote areas.

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