About Us

Who are we?

Gooligum Electronics is a small business based in Sydney's South West.  It is owned and operated by David Meiklejohn and family, who also provide electronic and software solutions for outdoor use through bushgeek.com.au.

What do we do?

Design, development and sale of development and training boards, expansion boards and electronic project kits, with a focus on Raspberry Pi and Microchip's PIC microcontrollers.

Our aim is to create products that are fun, useful, educational or (preferably!) all of the above.

We also focus on creating PIC and Raspberry Pi tutorials.  There is plenty of material available on PICs, which can make it daunting to get started.  Our approach is to introduce PIC programming and design in easy stages, based on a solid grounding in theory, creating a set of building blocks and techniques and giving you the confidence to draw on as we move up to more complex designs.  And for Raspberry Pi we aim to support makers and engineers who want to build them into projects - focussing on electronic interfacing.

About David

This site was inspired by my journey into the world of PIC microcontrollers.

I had been involved in electronics as a hobby since I was about 12 years old (back in the late '70s!), studied electrical engineering at the University of Queensland, and had designed a couple of commercial products.  But then I entered the world of IT, and had little to do with electronics for 15 years.

In that time, electronics had changed.  When I was young, the main electronics magazines in Australia were Electronics Australia and Electronics Today; now it was Silicon Chip.  And when I tried to get back into electronics in 2004 by buying electronics magazines, I found many projects based around PICAXE, PIC or AVR microcontrollers.  Microcontrollers had existed back in the Eighties, but they weren't the sort of thing you'd find in projects for hobbyists.  Suddenly, they had become cheap, and accessible.  So I bought some books on PIC microcontrollers, but found it hard to work out just what I really needed to get started, in terms of programmers and development systems.  Eventually I bought a PICAXE starter kit.  Quite an eye opener!  So easy!  And yet, after a while, quite limited.  I found that to do the sort of things I wanted to be able to achieve, I needed to get at the underlying PIC hardware. And after diving in, I learned that that wasn't really so hard either!

Then along came small, low-cost single-board computers, including the Raspberry Pi, so I started learning to use those, too.

My aim with this site is to make this journey easier for anyone else who wants to get their feet wet with PICs or to develop/build/make with Raspberry Pi, but doesn't know where to start, or may not even have much knowledge of electronics.


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