Enhanced mid-range PIC Timer2 lessons

Enhanced mid-range PIC Timer2 lessons

New lessons covering the Timer2/4/6 module have been added to the Enhanced Mid-Range PIC tutorials.

These new lessons explain how to:

  • use Timer2 (or Timer4, or Timer6...) as a simple 8-bit timer
  • use the Timer2 period register to generate a specific time-base
  • use the Timer2 postscaler to drive an interrupt at a reduced rate

And, for old hands who are already familiar with Timer2 from mid-range PICs, we see that many enhanced mid-range PICs include several of these timers, named Timer4, Timer6, and so on - but all operating the same way.

The lessons are available for C and assembly language programmers and are suitable for people who are new to PICs.
Separate "migration" lessons are also provided for those already familiar with the mid-range Timer2 module.

If you have purchased the enhanced mid-range tutorials, you will find these new lessons available for download via the “Downloads” link in your “My account” area, as usual. And if you have purchased a PIC training board, a new manual is also available for download, with the jumper settings tables (in appendix A) updated to reflect the new lessons.


Posted by David Meiklejohn

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