Simple Travel Clock kit now available

Simple Travel Clock kit now available

A PIC-based travel clock kit is now available.

Why would you want to build a clock, when you could just use your mobile phone?


  • This clock (unlike the LCD clocks often found in hotel rooms...) has glowing LED digits that are easy to read at a glance in a darkened room - no more fumbling half-asleep for your phone
  • The display (unlike the LED clocks often found in hotel rooms...) isn't too bight, and it can be dimmed at the flick of a switch - no more being dazzled when checkng the time at night
  • You can build it yourself.  'nuff said.
  • If you're familiar with PIC programming, and have access to a PIC programmer, you can modify the source code to make the clock work just how you want it to

Even if you don't want to purchase this clock, if you're interested in mid-range PIC assembly language programming (and who isn't? ;), you might want to look at the source code, which you can download from the kit page.  It illustrates many of the concepts covered in the PIC tutorials, inlcuding display multiplexing, keeping time while a device is sleeping, and detecting a low battery voltage.


Posted by David Meiklejohn

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