The "Wombat" Raspberry Pi prototyping board has entered production!

The "Wombat" Raspberry Pi prototyping board has entered production!

In March, I mentioned that I'd lauched a Raspberry Pi prototyping board on Kickstarter, as the Wombat board.


The project was successfully funded (yaay!!) and has almost finished the production phase - see the most recent update in the Kickstarter project, which includes pictures of the boards being manufactured:

Board inspectionA stack of soldered boards


The Wombat board is designed for those of us who want to build electronic devices that connect to an RPi - or simply to play around and try out ideas. Prototyping, in other words...

It has all the features that I've personally looked for, such as all 40 GPIO pins broken out and clearly labeled, a large breadboard, and some LEDs and pushbuttons.

It also adds a few things that I'd wished the RPi had included, such as analog inputs, more power available at 3.3V, and the ability to connect to the serial console via USB.

And it also includes a set of introductory projects, including some simple parts, to get you started.


I'll start delivering boards to the Kickstarter backers inthe next couple of weeks, but if you'd like to get your hand on a Wombat board you can order one (or more?) here, for delivery in June.


Posted by David Meiklejohn

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The "Wombat" Raspberry Pi prototyping board is now available!

The Wombat board is now shipping, and available for sale!

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