Enhanced mid-range PIC PWM tutorials

Enhanced mid-range PIC PWM tutorials

New lessons introducing the CCP and ECCP modules' PWM modes have been added to the Enhanced Mid-Range PIC tutorials.

So what's PWM?
"PWM" stands for pulse-width modulation.

It is a method of controlling the average power supplied to a load, such as a string of LEDs or a motor, by rapidly toggling one or more outputs with a variable duty cycle, which can be adjusted smoothly, with up to 10-bit resolution.  Common uses include: 

  • dimming LEDs
  • controlling the speed and direction of motors
  • generating audio tones

What does this tutorial cover?
This lesson describes the various PWM modes provided by the CCP and enhanced CCP modules, including:

  • standard single-output PWM
  • single-output with PWM steering
  • half-bridge output
  • full-bridge output in forward and reverse modes (for motor control)

The examples include all of the typical uses listed above, but with a particular emphasis on brushed DC motor control.

As usual, this lesson is available in assembly language and C (XC8) versions.
A "migrating from mid-range PIC" lesson is also provided, for those who have already completed the mid-range PIC CCP lessons.

How do I get it?
If you have purchased the enhanced mid-range tutorials, you will find these new lessons available for download via the “Downloads” link in your “My account” area, as usual. And if you have purchased a PIC training board, a new manual is also available for download, with the jumper settings tables (in appendix A) updated to reflect the new lessons.


Posted by David Meiklejohn

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3 Comments To "Enhanced mid-range PIC PWM tutorials"

Orides On 20 Jun 2017
David, please write more lessons about PICs! There is no one in this world capable of teaching like you do. And PICs are not dead yet! Reply to this comment
Ewan On 30 Apr 2017
Very good tutorials! Any chance of some more examples particularly for the Enhanced Mid Range series. I was thinking along the lines of using lookup tables to produce a certain waveform and producing sound using the CCP and ECCP PWM modules? Reply to this comment
libanicontrol On 15 Nov 2016
Thanks For blog Good blog Reply to this comment

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