Baseline and Mid-Range PIC Training Board and Lessons

Baseline and Mid-Range PIC Training Board and Lessons
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This training board is specially designed to complement the Gooligum baseline, mid-range and enhanced mid-range PIC assembler and C programming tutorials.

All of the PIC tutorials are included with the training board - there is no need to buy them separately.
The tutorials are available for download immediately following your puchase.

The training board is supplied fully assembled, complete with all components, including PICs, needed to implement every example in each lesson (except motor control) - simply by setting jumpers in almost all cases. See the parts list for details.

It is also an excellent stand-alone general development board with support for all small (6 - 14 pin) PICs and all signals conveniently brought out to a pin header next to a solderless breadboard.

It features:

  • All Gooligum baseline, mid-range and enhanced mid-range PIC assembler and C tutorials available for immediate download
  • Support for all 6-pin, 8-pin and 14-pin baseline, mid-range and enhanced mid-range PICs
  • 2 x pushbuttons with selectable external pull-ups
  • 9 x LEDs
  • 3 x 7-segment LED displays, configurable as single or multiplexed digits
  • Piezo sounder on PWM outputs
  • Pot and 2 x LDRs (photocells)
  • 4 MHz resonator, 32.768 kHz crystal, and 32.768 kHz oscillator
  • Variable frequency oscillator for frequency and pulse width measurement lessons
  • All signals brought out to 16-pin header, with solderless breadboard for convenient custom development
  • ICSP connector for use with PICkit 2, 3 or 4 or Snap programmer/debugger (not supplied)
  • Can be powered directly from an attached ICSP programmer, such as a PICkit 3
  • DC socket for higher-power applications (not required for normal operation)
  • Supplied with all components, including PICs, needed to complete every baseline, mid-range and enhanced mid-range PIC lesson (except motor control examples)


You should also consider purchasing the motor control kit, consisting of additional components, including a small brushed DC motor, MOSFETs and quad half-H driver IC, for use with the PWM lesson motor-control examples.


Dave Jones from EEVBlog takes a look

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